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"Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food."
"He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of Man?"
"The Gods do not send illness to men, Men bring it on themselves."
(Hippocrates  -  460-357 BC)

"Finding out our natural diet has nothing to do with belief, preference, taste, tradition, and/or self-interest, but it has to be gleaned from our biological, biochemical, anatomical, and physiological characteristics."
(Arthur M. Baker, B.A., M.A.)

"There is hardly a degenerative disease which cannot be prevented or even cured by the combination of natural, healthy foods, clean water, pure air, sunlight, and exercise."
(Claudio Voarino)

"The concepts of health and nutrition today are so far removed from the truth that our very lives are threatened from the day we are born. Babies suckle from bottles containing a synthesized mixture of foreign proteins and chemicals that rob them of their natural protection against virus and bacteria..."
(John McDougall M.D.)

"A truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness, and having found that, first tries to cure it by food. Only when food fails does he prescribe medication."
(Sun Simiao - 581 - 618 AD)

"By daily feeding on foods that Nature never meant for us to eat, and/or adopting an unhealthy lifestyle, sooner or later we will fall victim to one or more of today's degenerative diseases and shorten our lives."
(Claudio Voarino)
A healthier and longer life has little or nothing to do with the 'luck of the draw', genetic inheritance, Divine Will, and/or the 'three scores and ten' Biblical passage. But certainly they have a great deal to do with what, and how much, we eat and drink, as well as how efficient is our process of digestion, assimilation and excretion of our bodily wastes."
(Claudio Voarino)
"Back To Nature For A Healthier And Longer Life"
by Claudio Voarino

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Claudio Voarino
Clinical Nutrition and Herbalism Consultant
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